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Hello there! If you have stumbled across this blog post, I want to welcome and thank you for being here today. Your time is precious and I’m honored you’re spending it with me!

Today, I’m going to share with you some of my tips to get more comfortable in front of a camera. Ultimately, taking pictures you cant wait to frame and look back at for years. Whether you’re having bridal, engagement, maternity or just formal pictures done, it can be intimidating, if you aren’t use to it. Even if you’re just taking pics for a blog or Instagram, these tips will help you get the picture you’re dreaming of. There’s a lot to think about when taking pictures, lighting, landscape, layout, body positioning, shadows….. Its enough to make anyone overwhelmed..But no need to stress, I’m here!. ALSO CLICK HERE FOR MY POST ON 5 TIPS TO INSTANTLY START TAKING BETTER PICTURES!

Move around

Depending on what kind of pictures you’re having done, or if you’re Photographer has a vision all there own… I’ve found having movement in a photo makes for a unique, relaxed and more personal shot. For example, if you’re doing engagement shots, maybe run through a meadow with your sweetie. From that funny coordination you’re probably going to start having genuine smiles throughout the shots taken. Also it will create natural, not stiff poses.

girl with beanie strolling through a feild in utah during sunset.
me twirling through a field, capturing different angles of my body that are a little more fun and relaxed.

Have a prop

A lot of times for me, if I feel like I’m getting awkward in photos or just don’t know what to do, having a prop or something I cant interact with will make me feel a little more at ease. It also adds some fun to the picture. For example; if you’re doing bridal photos maybe play with your veil or bouquet of flowers. It can keep you focused on something other then trying to pose perfect. Its nice to have more candid shots sometimes.

girl in hat and long skirt strolling through Salt Lake Citys Capitol building during a storm.
I love playing with a flowy skirt or my hat when taking pics.

Have a story

If you happen to be a blogger like me or just like taking better pictures for your Instagram game, then it helps to have a message or a story behind the photo. It makes it a lot more personal and relatable. Everyone loves something they can relate to. If a place really inspired you or touched you in a way, think about that while you’re posing for the picture. For example; if you and your significant other were having trouble conceiving and now you’re pregnant and so happy to be having your maternity shoot… let that shine through. Harness all of your emotion tied to the picture. The pain, the happiness, the joy, the sorrow… and I guarantee you, it will shine through the photo!

girl in 70s fashion jumping in front of a wall mural in downtown salt lake city utah
Took this picture during an amazing day I spent with my boyfriend. I was in such a good mood that day I could keep from jumping for joy in all my pictures

Do some research

Whether you are hiring a photographer for the shoot or want to take the ropes and conduct the shoot yourself, its always a good idea to do some research first. Go to your photographers website and see if there’s any of their work you like. Or take a stroll through Pinterest and make an inspiration board…see what you’re naturally drawn to and maybe even share that with your photographer. That way they can get a idea of what you’re looking for. Communication is key with photos, there’s nothing worse then paying for a photo shoot and not vibing with the photographer. Or not liking the photos because they didn’t come out how you expected. Remember, photographers aren’t magicians or mind readers….

girl hanging out of car while driving through the mountains near salt lake city utah
After scrolling through Pinterest I knew I wanted to capture an adventure with this kind of shot.

Just Have Fun and don’t care what anyone thinks.

At the end of the day, these pictures are for you and you’re loved ones. Having fun should always be the priority when taking pictures. If you aren’t having a good time and stressing too much, then they wont turn out how you want. Also if you’re nervous about other people watching or looking… WHO CARES! You are never going to see those people again….embrace the attention. Stay focused on how amazing those pictures are going to look framed on your wall.

girl sits in a hot spring bathtub during sunset at Mystic Hot Spring in Monroe Utah
so many people were looking at me funny when taking this pic, I was traveling alone and had to use my tripod. But it was such a gorgeous moment and I tuned out everyone to get this shot

Hopefully you’re feeling more confident now for the next time you go and take some pictures. If any of my tips have helped and/or inspired some of your pictures… I would love for you to share them with me and Ill feature them on my page! Remember, you’re amazing and what’s a moment of a little awkwardness for a lifetimes of memories! Here’s to Happy Moments! Much love, Chels!

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