About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Chelsea, I’m 27 and originally from California. Since I was little we traveled around A LOT! I have lived in a dozen cities throughout my life and have visited so much more. I’ve held many jobs over the years from doing hair and makeup for weddings; working with every brand you can think of, all the way to bartending and managing a brewery, I even was a swim coach for kids ages 3-11. And through the years as I tried to find my true passion in life I figured out that it was simply…helping people. I want to help people in any way I can. And the way I can do that is empowering other woman to get out and explore. A couple years ago my life looked a lot different, after an abusive relationship I turned into a hermit. And that previous passion for travel was pushed away like what I did to the world. Now, with my boyfriend who is a pilot and a fellow travel lover, I hope you join us on the adventures we have together and the ones I tackle on my own. As I travel the world, I want to show you all the best places to visit as well as let you in on all my tips and tricks… Hopefully I can inspire you to get out and explore more.