If you’re anything like me, then you want to try and do as much as you can when you’re traveling to cool, new places. But when you have a 5am plane to catch, Lyft to schedule and a hotel to check into, you might start looking a little microwaved (no offense, I’ve been there too)

But don’t worry, I’m here to help….these are my top products to freshen up quick, so you can back to sightseeing

*Dry Shampoo

I never travel without my Batiste. These are the Jumbo sizes but they also make great travel sized ones too.


I always throw deodorant in my bag to freshen up after traveling all day. A travel sized one can easily fit in a bag to have on the go.

*makeup wipes

After going on planes, trains, and automobiles all day you can start to feel a little greasy….. You may not have chance to wash your face, but now they have more travel friendly makeup wipe options. I love the individual packaged ones Neutrogena has, so you can easily throw it in your purse, without lugging around the whole pack.

*essential oil/ rollerball perfume

I love keeping essential oils in my bag, as well as a travel sized perfume so I can always smell fresh. Small essential oils and travel sized fragrances are so easy to tote around without taking up space and are small enough to be in your carry on bag when flying. just a couple dabs on your wrist and neck and you’ll be smelling great!

These 4 products are all travel friendly, easy to pack in your bag without taking up space, and will keep you smelling shower fresh. Is there any product you cant travel without? let me know! Here’s to faking it till we make it! am I right Ladies? Much love, Chelsea!

Disclaimer: This post conatins affiliate links that I may make a small commission from, it does not cost you any extra money.

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