When I was living in Florida, I wasn’t too far from Orlando. So what was one of the first things I did?…I acquired a yearly pass to Universal Studios, of course! Because I went to Universal any chance I got, I quickly picked up a lot of insider tips and secrets to the park. And

what is meow wolf? If you have never heard of Meow Wolf, then its time you become introduced to the amazing, interactive, art exhibit located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Established back in 2008, with 2 new locations in Denver (coming 2020) and Las Vegas (coming in 2019.) Its a fully immersive art experience that

when it comes to oily/combination skin, it can feel like an endless search for how to control shine and breakouts that can result from the oil accumulation. Oily and Combination skin is very tricky to balance, because your skin still needs hydration. however; over doing it can also break you out really fast! Luckily you

Moab is located in Eastern Utah, about 4 hours from Salt lake City and home to some of the most gorgeous, picturesque, natural rock formations. If you find yourself ever near or travelling to the city, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Arches National Park. Spring is their peak season because of the best temperatures, though they

Packing for cold weather can be somewhat stressful if you’ve never done it before. It can results in bulky sweaters taking up loads of space in the suitcase and you becoming more annoyed by the second. So before you rush out and by a bigger suitcase or whole new wardrobe, stay tuned! If you’re anything

Everyone is always on the hunt to find the Holy Grail of foundations they see, scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest. While some people might have filters, photo editors, or a personal traveling makeup artist to thank, the rest of us arent so lucky. Well don’t worry…here are some of my insider tips for Flawless Foundation